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Japanese Recipe

Tetsu's Tonjiru 

Gohan and Tonjiru

Tetsu Ichino

Tetsu Ichino
Hello, I am Maruchi owner Tetsu. I love to eat and cook. I want to show you a simple Japanese recipe that everybody can make at home.
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Who says Tonjiru is only for winter? Tonjiru is a perfect nutrition soup for your busy life.  My Tonjiru recipe is simple yet delicious and good for your health. You don't need to worry about taking dietary supplement. 


  • About a little bit less than 1 gallon of water

  • A bag of frozen Satoimo (Japanese taro)

  • A pack of frozen Kuro buta (Black pork) ground beef

  • A scoop of pot spoon of Miso paste (Your choice)

  • A bag of unsliced Konnyaku 

  • A spoon full of Dashi (Bonito fish soup powder)

  • A spoon full of Panko (Bread crumb)

  • A bag of Kiri mochi (Rice cake)

  • A big Daikon (Japanese radish)

  • 3 Carrots

  • A egg

Tonjiru ingredients



Step 1.

Boil water. 

Step 2.

Peel and diced Daikon, Carrots, Konnyaku.

Diced dikon, konnyaku and carrot

Step 3.

Add a spoon full Dashi into the boiling water.

Step 4.

Add diced vegetables and a bag of Satoimo in the boiling water. Cook about 30 min at medium heat until the vegetables are soft.

Boiling vegetables

Step 5. 

Add Kuro Buta ground pork, egg and a spoon full of Panko in the bowl. Then mix all ingredient well.

Step 6.

Turn the heat down. Make a small size of meatball and drop it into the pot. 

Adding a meatball into hot pot

Step 7. 

Option. Add Kiri mochi. 

Step 8.

Boil about 5 min.

Adding rice cakes into hot pot

Step 9. 

Option. Add Kiri mochi. 

Step 10.

Boil for about 5 min.

Adding miso paste into hot pot

Step 11. 

Resolve a scoop of miso paste into the boiling pot and stir a few times. 

Step 12.


Close up dikon of Tonjiru

Super easy and yummy!

I found great Tonjiru recipe from different authors. You can try different styles and create your own style. 

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